Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is it cheating to change my List?

So I may need to tweak THE LIST. I have 28 books left to read and 17-18 months to read them, but I'm starting to run into a road block - I don't like one of the books and cannot get into it. What book is giving me such trouble, you ask? Wuthering Heights. I still can't get past chapter 3. I'm just not into it. I'm resolved to finish it because so many people say its a great book, but I'm just not feeling it. Which makes me think about people's preferences and opinions and how different we all are. I knew going into the challenge that I wouldn't love all 30 books, but I'm surprised that I don't like Wuthering Heights. I'm hoping it takes a turn for the better...SOON!

I have finished To Kill a Mockingbird and 1984. Both of which I enjoyed and read quickly. I would recommend both books to anyone looking for a "good read".

I am trying to decide whether my list should be a firm list that cannot be altered even if I get started on a book and hate it. Or can I swap out one book that I can't get into for another book that's not currently on my list?

I'm thinking I should stick with all the books on my list. If I don't, it makes the list somewhat irrelevant. Ok, that's it. I'm going to read all 30 of the books. So back to Wuthering Heights I go.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my friend Katie over at La Vida Leipprandt has joined the challenge! She's doing her own version, and as she's a young chicken, she has a few more years until she gets to thirty :) Anyone else reading with us?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Zoom-Zoom, Ruff-Ruff and Roof-Roof

The Swans have been quite busy lately, hence the lack of blog posts. In one week we have acquired a new car, a new dog and will soon have a new roof!

The beamer served me well for nine & a half years, but it was time to part ways. She is now in a better place, and I'm in a safer car! In her place I got a candy apple red Mazda 3 5-Door! And she's a beauty! Mr. Cob has named her "Ruby Vroom". Aside from safely being able to get from point A to point B, I love that the car smiles at you and says ZOOM-ZOOM when you turn her on.

We also expanded our family this month! We added a four-legged furry friend: WRIGLEY! She's a year old Australian-Shepherd mix and is the sweetest pup you'll ever meet. She and Bailey Ann are learning to get along, but are not exactly "friends" yet. We're very excited about our new family member...if only we can get her to stop pooping in the office :) I think obedience school is in our future! I have much better pics on my camera, but for now, here's a preview from my phone - isn't she a doll!

I'm sure Wrigley will be a recurring blog subject!

And while we're adding new things, we decided to (well, decided isn't exactly the word...I should say we "must") replace our roof. As you may remember, the recent influx of rain in the Atlanta area has not treated our house well...we've been dealing with a flooded basement and a leak in the dining room. After getting quotes on replacing versus repairing our roof, we learned that in the end it would be cheaper and better to just replace the entire roof. Our two year old roof. Sigh. Deep breathe. Lots of money down the drain. Sigh.

Moral of our story: if you buy a "flipped" house, make sure you get a roof inspection and have a second inspection after the buyer claims they fixed the problems the first inspector found (don't rely on the receipts they provide for you).

The husband of a woman I work with is a general contractor and doing the roof for us, so we feel good that we're in good hands. And we're just crossing our fingers that there aren't many/any rotten boards that need to be replaced once they pull up the shingles. And once the roof is replaced, we'll then have to fix the problems in the inside of the house - the cosmetic repairs.

The silver lining is that we're getting architectural shingles and a decorative chimney cap, which will give the house a facelift. A nice early-Christmas present...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

127,000 Miles Might be All She Can Take

Well after nine and a half years with my little car, she is finally dying. I've tried to save her. New spark plugs, new tubes, new tires and lots of love. But sometimes, love and new parts just aren't enough. And my old girl needs to be laid to rest - or at least traded in to a dealership who can give her a major facelift and perhaps a boob job and some lypo.

So Mr. Cob and I are car-shopping. And we have no idea what to do. The budget/economical side of me says to just buy a cheap, reliable car. But my luxurious side is telling me that I work hard and desrve a nice car. I'm thinking/hoping the smart side wins over the expensive taste side.

But car shopping is very overwhelming. Where do we start? The one thing we know is we need something bigger than a 2 door. So first criteria: 4 doors. But then do we get a sedan or an SUV? Sedans are better on gas mileage, but SUV's would be good for our one-day-growing family (no, our family is not growing yet, but you have to think about these things). And then there's the domestic vs. foreign? I'm really just lost.

We're thinking we're going to lease a car because we're not ready to commit to something for more than a few years and leasing will most likely result in a lower monthly payment.

So I made a spreadsheet of lease costs for various cars. Economically I should get a Civic. But I really want the Volvo's just not budget friendly.

What's a driver to do? Maybe I should start biking and riding MARTA. Sigh.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Home Decor for Less

For months I've been wanting a rug for our living room. I've looked online, in catalogs and in various stores only to come up empty handed. Everything either didn't match my decorating taste or was far too pricey. But this weekend, I found a rug with the perfect combination of style, quality and lack of an exorbitant price tag.

Where did we strike gold you ask? Homegoods/TJMaxx - its the best store around - you really can't beat some of their prices!

Now we are just trying to keep the cat from using the new rug as her own personal nail sharpener.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Take A look in my Crystal Ball

And here is what I may look like in 30 years...if I were to lead a hard life of alcohol and cigarettes...Hopefully, I'll age much more gracefully!