Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Boy Cup

We are home from vacation.  I'm sad.  More on that later.

Last night when we got home I realized Lukas hadn't had a proper dinner yet.  So I scrambled him an egg at 9:30pm.  (And yes, an egg can be a proper dinner.  But thanks for asking.)  And I was tired so I poured him some milk in a cup and set it down on the ground for him.  This wouldn't be strange except for the fact that Lukas doesn't drink from a non-sippy cup type cup (i.e. a cup).  But like I said, I was tired and wasn't thinking.  He was happily eating his dinner and the next thing I knew he was drinking milk from that cup as if he'd been doing it forever without making a huge mess.  No spilled milk.  What?!

Seriously, when does he learn to do these things????

And being the good iphone wielding momma that I am, I caught it on video.

Now if you'll please excuse me, I am going to go cry about the fact that he's growing up.  Too. Fast.


  1. In keeping it real, I thought I should let you know that Mr. Cob just changed Lukas into a new outfit because he spilled milk ALL OVER himself at lunch. So yea, last night was probably a fluke. At least I'm done crying about him growing up.

  2. I'm still totally impressed. E was 2 before he drank from a cup cleanly!