Friday, March 30, 2012

No More Faking It

Warning, I realize the title of this post is probably misleading.  While I chuckle at the thought of a post about orgasms, or lack thereof, this is not that post.  Sorry to disappoint.  Or, if you're related to me, you're welcome.

After over four and a half years of practicing law, I finally feel like I know what I am doing in my little world of transactional banking law.  Instead of faking confidence on a phone call, I finally have it. Real confidence.  I came to that realization this week, and it's a good feeling.  Although I'm not going to revel in it too long, because history is sure to repeat itself and the ground always shifts when my feet finally feel firmly planted.  But for now it feels good.

My client called and said he was having problems with a deal and could I please call the other party's counsel to discuss the issue.  Sure, I said, I'm happy to do so.  (As attorneys, we are in the service industry and making your clients happy is the name of the game.  Unhappy client = no work = no money.  This is important to remember.).  So he sent me the contact information and I looked up the other lawyer online, as I always do.  I like to see who's going to be on the other end of the phone.  This is usually a mistake.

Male.  Much older.  Partner.  Great.

I geared up for the possible puffed-out-chest thing that some older male lawyers like to pull on a young female and dialed the number.  And the next thing I knew, it was as if I was over my body listening to myself talk calmly and intelligently, convincing this other attorney that my way was the right way.  There was no shred of an insecure, nervous new attorney talking.  That woman doesn't exist in me anymore.  And it feels really good.

Now if only I could keep this composure when talking to my 16 month old son when he's having a meltdown.  That requires true negotiating skills that I'm not sure I've acquired yet.  Let's hope I make some serious strides in that area before the little man turns 2...

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