Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Toddler Tips Tuesday - Feeding the Kid

Dinner time has become a struggle with the little dude.  He has become a rather picky eater and throws most things on the floor rather than eating them.  Except for mac & cheese which he will almost always eat.  Healthy, right?

A few years back I saw Jessica Seinfeld on Oprah discussing her new cookbook, Deceptively Delicious.  She hides vegetables and fruits in food that she then gives her kids.  Some people find fault in this because you're not teaching your children to make healthy food choices since they don't realize their eating healthy.  At this point, I'm just trying to get Lukas to eat something, anything.  And I figure we can talk healthy food choices when he's a bit older.  You know, wait until he's at least three.

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese
So I've been talking about wanting this book for a while now and was gifted it a few weeks ago.  Each recipe incorporates pureed fruits and/or vegetables.  It's kind of ironic because I never made my own baby food before Lukas was eating solids (I didn't have the time...), but now I'm essentially making baby food and then combining it with other ingredients to make his solid food.  Regardless, it's working!

So far with one butternut squash (roasted in the oven and then pureed), I have made Mac n cheese, pancakes and egg puffs (and I still have a cup of squash frozen for the next recipe!).  I've also snuck cauliflower into eggs.  And Lukas has eaten it all, happily!  So have we - the pancakes were especially delicious and the egg puffs (2 WW points!) are a great bake and take breakfast.

If you're struggling with feeding your kid, I highly recommend this cookbook!  I'm all about eating more veggies, even if I have to trick my buddy into doing so!

Lukas eating up the mac & cheese

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