Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TTT - Make a Friend

My Toddler Tip for this Tuesday is more of a mom tip than a toddler tip.  So forgive me.  But take my advice.

Find some like-minded-mom friends and get together with them often.

When you birth that sweet little baby, your life changes.  The pregnant woman and the new mom who emerges from the delivery room are two different people.  At least for me they were.  And as much as you tell yourself that you won't let having a child change you, it does.  So don't fight it.

But that also means that your friendships might change. If you're lucky, you'll have a close friend who gives birth around the same time as you, so you can talk about poop together.  But if not, make a new mom friend.  And don't be shy about it.  Don't let your insecurities get in the way of striking up a conversation at the park or at daycare drop off or in the diaper aisle at Target.  

Having a network of mom friends is a mom's saving grace.

And if you're a working mom, find some other career-driven mommas and befriend them.  You may think they don't have time to add a new friend to their already busy schedule, but odds are that if they're a working mom, then they're pretty good at the juggling act.  And while I don't know from experience, I'm guessing SAHMs find  solace in mom-friends just as much as working moms.  Middle of the day play dates anyone?

If you're lucky, you'll find some working mom girlfriends who will meet you after work for a glass of wine and help you solve the problems in "your world" while the kids are still playing at daycare.  It's open until 7pm for a reason!

Being a mom can be a hard job.  Having other women to help you through it is crucial.  They'll make you feel better about your kid being the biter of the bunch when they share that their kid throws things.  They'll give you a hard time about giving in to your toddler's demand for "momma milk" while reassuring you that you'll know when you're ready to stop nursing.  And best of all, they'll laugh with you through the journey.

So the next time you have an opportunity to make a new mom friend, get over yourself and say hello.  You just might make a life-long friend.

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