Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TTT - Snap To It

Just about every week I put some piece of clothing on Lukas only to realize it's way too small and in the  bin for future babies it goes.  And then there are the other times, like last month, when I bought my 16 month old little guy a pair of 18 month shorts (figuring he is closer to 18 months than 12 months at this point), only to have them fall down to his ankles.  Talk about pants on the ground.

It seems that kids clothing sizes are all over the board and you never really know whether something is going to fit.  Perhaps some of y'all are more patient than I am and you actually try the clothes on your kid before you buy them.  But not this momma.  I have a secret weapon when it comes to making pants and shorts fit my bambino.

The Dapper Snapper.

It's a "belt" for kids.  And it is magical.  Check it out here.  I found them on Babysteals.com so you might be able to find them on sale, but I would buy them at full price in a heart beat!

My dapper dude

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