Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm Still His #1

When I picked up Lukas at school on Friday his class was outside on the playground.  His teacher got to me before Lukas saw me, and told me he had a new girlfriend.  My reaction was something along these lines: WHATWho?  No way.  Genevieve, (who makes Lukas giggle at the mere mention of her name) had already left for the day, so I had no idea who the girlfriend could be.  I quickly learned when I spotted the two of them together.  And she's an older woman.

And you know what?


My 18 month old likes a girl and was walking around the playground HOLDING HER HAND!  The next thing you know he's going to be kissing some girl below the bleachers.  I need time to SLOW DOWN! (Ok, so I might be overreacting.  But just maybe.)

Thankfully I had my phone and recorded the whole hand holding thing.  No "first" is unworthy of this momma's documentation for the virtual babybook, if for no other reason than to replay it at his rehearsal dinner one day.

(Just note I watched them for about a minute before starting my video - so this was no fluke hand holding).

At least I know I'm his favorite girl....

for now.

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