Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Name Change?

So back when I started this blog over three years ago, I had to pick a name.  Our last name has the word Swan in it and we'd just bought a new house, our nest.  So I decided to go with The Swans are Nesting.  But have you ever noticed that the address for the blog is - So the question is, why didn't I either name the blog The Nesting Swans or have the web address be www.theswansarenesting... I have no clue what I was thinking at the time.

But it's bothering me now.  I'm thinking I want to change the name to The Nesting Swans - but is that silly?  (Yes, of course it is.  This entire post is silly.  I know, I know. Just indulge me.  Kay, thanks.)

So what do you think?  Keep the name or change it??

I'm also thinking its time to change the look of the blog.  So stay tuned for that.

And while we're at it, let's get some more reader feedback.  Do you like the Toddler Tips Tuesday posts?  Should I keep them?  What would you like to read more about?  My antics with Lukas?  More about being a working-mom?  Eating?  My obsession with Pinterest?  Anything?

I'd love to hear you thoughts!!!

1 comment:

  1. Given the lack of comments, I figured y'all don't care, so I'm going to keep my silly blog name and revamp the look...