Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thoughts on 31

Today I turn 31 years old.  Woot woot. 
The thirties really are great, if I do say so myself.  In the first year of my 30s I lost 50 pounds!  How's that for kicking off a new decade? (The fact that it was post-birthing a baby is just details.)  So I have high expectations for 31 and assume I will only keep getting better with age.  Like wine.
I received a voice mail message earlier today from a special person wishing me a happy birthday.  I'll keep the caller's idenity confidential to protect the innocent. 
The message contained a special note.  Words to live by, really.
The piece of advice was priceless. 
After noting he/she thought I was turning 31 this year and commenting that we're getting old, said Birthday well wisher told me not to worry beacue "You're not old until your boobs start sagging."
I laughed out loud.
This is the best getting older advice I've heard yet.
Especially considering there are underwire bras to combat sagging.
So really, as long as bras are around you'll never be old.
Thanks birthday caller.  You made my day!
Here's to another fabulous year in my thirties.
Thanks for all the well wishes and "advice"!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Swan. Enjoy the day----and the rest of the year.