Tuesday, May 29, 2012

TTT - Scar Minimizer

Last night I wondered what I was going to write for Toddler Tips Tuesday this week but didn't give it any serious thought since Tuesday was still two days away.  Then this morning I realized that no, today was in fact Tuesday.  And then I opened a picture my mom had sent me of Lukas from this weekend and my topic became clear.  Another practical tip for you - especially you moms of little boys who are likely to get many bumps, scrapes and bruises along the way!

As you may recall, my little man bumped his head a few weeks back and his "boo boo" required three stitches on his forehead.  Being the vain momma that I am, I was most concerned with the scar (after I was assured he was fine and didn't have a concussion, of course).  I asked the doctor if there was anything we could do to increase his odds of not having a scar and aside from the initial neosporin applications and maybe trying mederma for scars, she gave me a piece of advice I'd never heard. 

If you want to minimize a scar, be sure to keep the boo boo out of the sun - wear a hat or slather sunscreen over the scar.  Research has shown that the sun is a huge factor in whether or not a scar develops.  So every morning I attack Lukas with the sunscreen and reapply often when he's outside.  It'd be much easier if the little man would just wear a hat, but he's very finicky when it comes to hats and tends to hate them more than love them.

So far it seems to be working!  He has a little line above his eye, but it's not too noticeable and I'm hoping it is further minimized as the boo boo heals even more.

Also, as evidenced by this picture, my baby is now a little boy.  I'm going to go cry now.


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    1. Thanks Katie, I think so too, but I'm a bit biased :)

  2. His aunt agrees too! So cute and grown up!

    1. You should hear him say "auntie" when he sees your picture - it is PRECIOUS! xo