Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TTT - Book Cards

Sadly for my readers, Mr. Cob was on baby duty all day yesterday taking care of our feverish little man, so he didn't have time to write a post.  From what I hear, the readers have enjoyed his writing.  Maybe next week he'll write again!  Sip Sip may even make a guest appearance as she informed me she has some toddler tips, being the sage grandma she is!  Anyone else who has a good tip please feel free to send them my way and you can be a guest blogger too!! 

Ok, so today's tip.  This is a tip for anyone throwing a baby shower or for any pregnant mommies out there who are having a shower thrown for them.  On the invitation, instruct the guest to bring a children's book in lieu of a card and write their "card" in the inside cover of the book.  This way the new momma (and baby) have a collection of books, in addition to all the shower goodies, after the shower.  My friends did this for my baby shower and Lukas' library quickly filled up.  And beyond just baby showers, books make a great gift for a baby's first birthday, a congratulations gift upon hearing a friend is pregnant or when you visit the new baby for the first time.  I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many children's books.

What I especially love about giving a "book card" is that when you're reading the books to your little one, you have the added bonus of remembering your friend or family member who gave you the book because you see their signed note when you open the book!  So whenever you give someone a book, always remember to leave a note in the inside cover so the recipient thinks of you every time they read. 

We're currently on a nightly rotation of The Little Engine that Could (thanks to my first friend from law school, Jenn), Give a Dog a Donut (thanks to Lukas' school friend Nate and his fabulous mommy, Natalie) and Goodnight Moon (thanks to our friends over at La Vida Leipprandt - the first book we received for Lukas - the inscription says "to baby boy Swan" - we hadn't even named him yet!).  I may not remember who gave me what onesie or other gift from my shower, but I remember who gave me what book.

What are your current bedtime books?  Do you have any favorites?  Any books you've come to loathe?

And as a bonus tip this week, I'll pass on what one friend told me at my shower: BEWARE of reading Dr. Seuss books...they are L.O.N.G.!  And now that I think about it, so is The Little Engine that Could.  I mean, we get it.  The toys and food are for "the good little boys and girls on the other side of the mountain."  No need to tell me every single page.  I'm in trouble when Lukas starts to realize that my fifth time through The Little Engine is much shorter than the first!  Yes, that's right.  He insists that we read every book at least 3 times before bed. So maybe I improvise a little.  Maybe.  Just a little.  But don't worry, I always keep the good parts.  "I Think I Can, I think I can."


  1. Haha...I used to wish Elijah would sit still and let us read longer books to him. Now we're finally at the stage where he'll listen to an entire Dr. Seuss book and I've started hiding them. Hungry Caterpillar and Where the Wild Things Are are my two other go-to book gifts. So glad Lukas enjoys Goodnight Moon!

    1. Katie, he LOVES Goodnight Moon and insists that I read it last before bed E.V.E.R.Y. night. So thanks for that :)