Thursday, August 23, 2012

Under Construction

Mom, I know, I know.  I missed another Toddler Tips Tuesday post.  Forgive me.  I'll aim to get back on track next week.  But for now, I'm knee deep in a construction zone, which just happens to be my house.

Remember the water leak zoloft day?  Well that little air conditioner hiccup has turned into a serious repair job.  The A/C was fixed, only to have the engine go out the very next weekend. (Money, money, MO-NEY!)  The water damage from the A/C leak is covered by our homeowners insurance so we forked over our $500 deductible and then then USAA took over.  (Sidenote: USAA is the BEST insurance company in the world.  If you're eligible to join, do it.  NOW.)

So, the USAA selected contractor came out to the house to assess the damage.  The next thing you know, we're having the following done:

1. New dry-wall in the walls and ceiling of the living room.
2. Leading to a new coat of  paint in the living room (I went with the same yellow, since I love it)
3. Followed by some new dry wall in the guest room.
5. Leading to a new coat of paint in the guest room (Went with blue this time!  I'd actually bought the blue paint last November and never got around to painting it, so there's a plus).
6. Followed by new paint in the laundry room (because I wasn't prepared to answer the question of what color paint I wanted, I told them to just use the same blue as the guest room).
7. Topped off with replacing the floor (laminate tiles) in the laundry room (we spent hours last night going over samples - who knew there were so many laminate tile options?  Here are our top 5 - which do you like?  We already selected the color, so hope you don't hate it!)

You can also see the blue paint - it's very pale blue - I love it!
8. With the cherry on top of repairing the water damaged warped hardwood floors and refinishing the hardwoods in all four adjoining rooms so that all the hardwood matches.  (We are going with a darker stain - check out the minwax colors - can you guess what we selected)?

This all means that our house looks like this right now.

So we'll be moving into my parents house for a few days while the sanding and fun continues!  And oh what fun it has been.  There may or may not have been an incident involving the POD delivery guy hitting our gutters/house.  

Stay tuned for an update...


The floor guy just showed me what he's done so far and I've now change direction completely!  No dark stain for this girl.  We're going natural all the way!

Living room
Look at the difference of our current stain against the natural wood.  And I was thinking about going a lot darker!?!

Oh, and the tile we picked is out of stock, so we're going with a different tile too.  Changes all around!

Update #2.  So.... turns out the fabulous folks who flipped our house did yet another silly thing.  They put red oak NEXT to white oak.  In the SAME room.  So, my new love affair with light natural hardwood floors has come to an end.  This does not look good, right?

So back to dark stain it is!


  1. Well my guesses for the rehab is as follows:

    Laundry room is the sample to the far right; and the darker stain I'm guessing Dark Walnut. Can't wait to see it all. I'm sure getting away for the mess for a few days will be grand.

  2. Oh my! Had no clue y'all were going through a total remodel. Love being father-in-lawed into membership.

    1. Oh yea, big remodel going's a pain, but I'm hoping the final outcome is worth it! At least there will be no more evidence of the water leak!