Monday, September 17, 2012

22 Months + 9 days

It's time for a little man update. 

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Lukas will be TWO in less than two months.  I don't know how this happened.  It seems like yesterday that he was unable to do more than lay still and stare at me.  Now he is a non-stop ball of energy that I am so totally in love with. 

So what's he up to at 22 months and 9 days?

Teeth: All of them but his two year molars.  (Momma's not real excited for those to make an appearance.)

Hair: Blond with a touch of curl.  Like his daddy.

Eyes: Grayish green.  They look more like his daddy's eyes than his momma's.

Weight: I'd guess 27ish pounds.  We'll find out at his 2 year doctor appointment in November.

Diapers: Size 4

Clothes: All over the board.  He can still fit in some 12 month pants/shorts!  He's mostly in size 18-24 month shirts and PJs though.  He's tall but skinny!  He wears a size 5.5 shoe, but I think they're too small already!

Eating:  Most anything.  He loves waffles in the morning and asks for goldfish and cookies for snacks. He drinks a lot of (whole) milk and water but refuses to drink any sort of juice, which I suppose is not a bad thing.  He loves cheese and tomatoes.  All bread products.  Most berries.  Sausage, bacon and chicken.  Occasionally pork or fish.  Our new trick is to all act like dinosaurs at the dinner table - it makes for a very interesting dinner, but Lukas ends up eating his whole plate of food!  (So if you come to eat with us soon, be prepared to act like a T-Rex!)

Sleeping: 11-12 hours every night!  1.5-3 hour nap (1.5 hours at school and over 3 on the weekends!).  We try to put Lukas to bed around 7:30 every night and bedtime takes about 30 minutes.  Many mornings we have to wake him up for school - the kid loves his sleep!  He is still sleeping in his crib with bunny and his blanket.

@ Primrose: He is still "missing Rome" everyday when you ask who he played with at school.  And he misses Nate but gets excited whenever we see him (They are in a class next to each other now).  He talks about Owen and Vera the most, so I suppose those are his two current buddies in EPS2. (And Owen still bites according to Lukas....)
- He is in love with Elise (our friends Lauren & Eugene's little girl) - we see her often and Lukas just follows her around.  She tells him what to do and bless his little heart, he does it!  He calls her "Lisey".
- He talks about "Baby Oliver" often, even if it's been a few days since we've seen Chris, Emily & Oliver, so I think he likes him and is excited to have a guy friend to play with one day on the weekends!

Favorite Books:  (there's a few...)
- The Little Engine that Could (I'm really ready for that phase to end.  Luckily, he is more interested in finding the farmer and his sheep than actually reading the book.  Last night he had to kiss the farmer good night!)
- Goodnight Moon (Every. Single. Night. Multiple. Times. Sigh.)
- "Wocket Pocket" (i.e. There's a Wocket in My Pocket) or "Cat Hat" (i.e. The Cat in the Hat) - he really likes Dr. Seuss right now
- Just Like My Mum (It's a really cute book if you've never read it or are looking for a baby shower gift! And Lukas knows most of the story so he "reads" along with me.)

Favorite songs:
- The Thomas and Friends theme song - he tries his best to sing along and gets SO EXCITED when he hears it.  My favorite part is when he sings about Thomas as the "cheeky one"...I'll try to get a video soon!
- The Mickey Mouse Club house song & Hot Dog song - perhaps he's been watching a little M-I-C-K-E-Y m-o-u-s-e....
- Electric Car by They Might be Giants - Lukas knows all the words.  And loves "leclec car". (The CD is another great kid gift!)

Favorite toys:
- Dinosaur flash cards and his dinosaur figurines.
- Toy kitchen
- Thomas the Train & Thomas puzzle

Lukas is a really happy, sweet boy.  He gives hugs and kisses and likes to snuggle.  But he also likes to be independent.  He doesn't walk, he RUNS everywhere.  He loves to dance and sing and play.  The only time we have real tears is at bedtime.  Lukas would rather stay up and play or read books than go to bed, but once he goes down, he's out for the night.  Mr. Cob has a better handle on the bedtime routine than me...perhaps because I give in to Lukas' "requests" even though I know he is simply stalling.

I love this age.  He can more or less always tell us what he wants or what is bothering him.  And he is just so fun to be around.  He reminds me to smile and have fun with life!

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