Wednesday, October 17, 2012


76.  75. (I started this yesterday) That's the number of days left in this year.  How crazy is that? 

I have a big well written blog post brewing in my head, but not the time right now to put it into words.  But it's been two weeks since I've said hello and I don't want you folks to start thinking there is some news on the Swan front that I'm hiding from telling you.  There is not.  Sorry to disappoint.

Life has been busy.  Mr. Cob and I went on vacation.  Alone. For a week.  With no cell service. It was amazing.  I missed my little dude, but not nearly as much as I thought I would (just being honest).  My days were spent sleeping in, reading trashy books and some novels, running, yoga-ing, spa-ing, red wine drinking and kissing on my man.  (Again, just being honest).  It was also nice to throw Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel, Mexico in the mix.  And some new friends on the cruise ship.  And did I mention the spa?  It's possible I went more than once.  Or twice.  It was time well spent away from "life".  My batteries recharged.  My mom-atude was rebooted.  My work self was re-energized.  Mr. Cob and I reconnected.  All in all the trip was spectacular.  If you have a little one at home and are nervous to take a trip without him or her, DO IT.  And while Mr. Cob will cringe when I type this, sometimes it's good to remember that you were his wife before you were your baby's mom.

While we were away Lukas spent half the week with Mr. Cob's parents (Nana and PopPop) and the second half with my parents (SipSip and Up).  The grandparents all told us that we gave THEM a true gift by giving them this time with their grandson.  So it was a win-win all around.  And Lukas apparently wasn't bothered that we weren't around.  Daddy was on a cruise ship and mommy was working until the end of the week when Lukas decided that mommy was on the cruise ship with daddy.  Thanks buddy.  I swear he grew an inch while we were away and started talking even more.  I will say that I was ready to see him and hug on him when we got home Sunday morning.  It's nice to get away, but it's even nicer to come home.


  1. Love it. Glad you went. Pics???

    1. We didn't take hardly any pictures...maybe 5! But we did buy some from the cruise photographer (there's a full on prom pose!) that I'll scan to prove I was on the trip!!!