Friday, November 30, 2012

Questionable Mothering Tactics

I feel like it's been a while since I've written a "keeping it real" post.  So let me enlighten everyone with the reality that I seriously question my parenting skills more often than I admit.

1.  My child dipped his macaroni and cheese in KETCHUP this week.  And I let it happen.  And kept adding more ketchup.  This is just gross.

2.  Lukas wears bright green sneakers every single day.  No matter what else he is wearing - khakis and a cute button down or sweat pants and a bright blue tee shirt - he has on neon green Saucony sneakers.  He refuses to wear anything else.

3.  I am manipulated every night at bedtime.  I always read one more book.  (The other night I counted a total of 9 books read.  Really, nine.)  I always let Lukas go "pee pee on the potty" again even if he just went and I KNOW he will not go again.  This involves a 5 minutes process of Lukas taking of his pajamas himself and putting them back on after he has sat on the potty and sung songs for a few minutes without any pee pee occurring.  Then,  I let him give daddy "one more kiss" and then 5 minutes later to go "hug daddy" and a few minutes later to "tell daddy night-night".  Then we rock and rock and rock some more.  Eventually he gets in his crib and then I follow his command of "mommy lay down right there".  Until I think it's safe to sneak out.  Bedtime has become an hour long ordeal.  Part of me loves it.  I know he won't want to spend this much time with me forever.  But I also realize I am being completely manipulated by a 2 year old.

4.  We're no longer anti-TV.  The little dude watches Little Einsteins, Bob the Builder, Thomas, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Sesame Street just about every Saturday morning.  Sometimes for at least an hour.  I'm usually checking email or otherwise playing on the ipad.  Occasionally I'll fold laundry or clean while he's zoned in to the boob tube, but typically I just zonk out myself.

5.  Lukas may have had a cupcake for breakfast last Saturday morning.  His auntie had just left and he was very upset that he wasn't getting ON the jumbo jet with her.  So we decided to treat ourselves to breakfast at the Highland Bakery since it was early and we were already out.  Lukas was still upset and the big display of cupcakes upon entering the bakery diverted his attention.  And then we just had to give him one.  Oops.  Oh, he also might have still been in his footy pajamas.  In public.  Double oops.

So what about you?  Do you have any stellar parenting skills to share?

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  1. Just to make you feel better, I do the exact same things with the books. I keep saying 1 more book and then I end up reading like 10. Oh, and Dana likes to dip broccoli in ketchup. I guess I should just be happy that she is eating broccoli!