Thursday, January 10, 2013

Secret Preggo Post #2

(If you're just joining the show, start here to read the first in the series of 5 posts I kept before going public with pregnancy #2).

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - I really am not very good at keeping this pregnancy thing quiet. Well, Mr. Cob was the first to somewhat spill the beans. We were at the park with friends and I was asking him when we need to leave the park to make it to a party that evening in time. He said, rather loudly, but unceremoniously, "well, we need to stop and buy your prenatal vitamins." I looked at him in horror as my friend T laughed behind me. She may have been laughing at something else entirely, but I was convinced she'd heard him (she had, but claims she wouldn't have made the jump to assuming I was pregnant). So we told her. And then we told her husband. I've been avoiding my mom like the plague because every time I talk to her I want to shout out the words. But we have started a tradition of announcing the news to her with a tee-shirt and Lukas will proudly (I hope) don his shirt announcing "I'm Going to be a Big Brother" on Thanksgiving, in just two days. Surely I can keep it quiet for two more days. The shirt has two turkeys on it. It's adorable. Last week I was at a birthday party and my friend was drinking champagne and said to me "This champagne is really amazing" and handed me her glass to take a sip. I should've just taken the sip and moved on. But no, I froze and she instantly knew. And last night I was with another friend getting a pedicure and she made some comment about my being pregnant or with a new born over the holidays next year. I have no poker face. She immediately knew. Maybe I can't make it through another two days without my mom figuring it out.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 - 8 weeks here. And I'm still 2 weeks away from our first prenatal appointment. So the past two weeks have been busy - Thanksgiving rolled around and I ran my third half marathon. Only this time it was the first one where I was pregnant. Go me. We told our families the big news, which went over very well - apparently they'd all been suspecting/hoping for this news, but were nonetheless thrilled. A few more close friends have shared in the news with us as well. So it's been fun spreading our cheer.

I am still exhausted. I'm going to bed very early every night. Although I'm not sleeping well between the trips to the bathroom and strange dreams. I'm trying to eat healthy and not pack on the pounds too early. I even started a pregnancy exercise program - The Tracy Anderson Method: The Pregnancy Project. So far I love it and my ass and legs hurt, so hopefully it's working. I'm feeling pudgy now. My stomach is in this constant state of bloat. All of my clothes are still fitting and I have my fingers crossed that remains the case for at least another month or so (wishful thinking? perhaps).

The one big difference this time around is the nausea. I feel generally icky and like I'm going to throw up for at least a few hours each day. Perhaps this means poppy is a girl! Which scares the shit out of me. My teenage years are flashing before my payback on her way?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - I cannot stop obsessing about gaining weight again. I REALLY REALLY REALLY do not want to pack on the pounds this time around. I want to be a cute pregnant girl. This is not good considering I still have 8 months of this pregnancy to go. I know that you are supposed to gain weight when you are pregnant. And I'm OK with gaining weight. I'm not OK with the prospect of pushing 200 pounds on the scale for a second time in my life.

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