Monday, February 4, 2013

A Fabulous Idea

The author of one of the blogs I reguarly read, A Cup of Jo, is currently pregnant with her 2nd child and is also due in July.  Today she wrote about preparing your child for a new baby.  She's worried about losing the closeness she has with her first born, as am I.  She asked her readers for any advice and one commenter (Hannah) wrote something that I love.  Her advice:

"I'm the oldest of five and I have twin sisters two and a half years younger than I am. When they were born my parents asked everyone who visited to speak to me before looking at the babies and they talked to me a lot about how proud I must be to be the big sister. I started stopping strangers in the street to tell them about my baby sisters and what a good big sister I was to them. I remember being very proud of them and feeling very responsible for their welfare. 24 years later, I still do!"

Isn't that brilliant what her parents did?  Everyone comes over to visit the new baby, but if those people stop by and chat with the toddler BEFORE oohing and ahhing over the new baby, imagine how special the toddler will feel!  I love this.

Anyone else have any advice on preparing your older child for a new baby?

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