Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Peek Inside

I'm always interested in what people eat for dinner.  How do you decide what to cook (or buy) each night?  When do you go grocery shopping?  Who in the family goes grocery shopping?  Who makes the grocery list?  Do you even make a list?  Who cooks dinner? When do you cook dinner (crockpot in the am before work?  big day of cooking once a month to freeze that you then defrost nightly?  the minute you walk in the door? from a take-out store on the way home?)   How do you manage to get food on the table with little ones at home?  Do you eat with them or after them?  Do you eat the same thing?  Do you eat with your spouse?  Do you eat at the table or in the living room?  Is music playing while you eat?
And bathing.  When do you shower and do your hair?  At night?  Every morning?  Do you pee in the shower? And if you shower at night how do you not have the dreaded bed head look every day?  And the little ones.  Do you give them a bath every night? Every other night?  Or do you shower with them say on the weekends?  On the days you don't bathe them, do you wipe them down with a wash cloth and soap?  How do you get the dirt out from under their nails on non-bath nights?
What's your bed time routine with your kids?  Does it work for you? Do you read books?  How many books?  Does your child ask for 500 sips of water before bed?  Do you lay down with them before leaving the room?  Do you sneak out of their room?  Do you enjoy the routine or loathe it?
When do you connect with your spouse?  How do you divvy up the chores?  Who does laundry and the dishes and the taking out of the trash and the feeding of the dogs?  Do you outsource any of this work?
Basically I want to know what other people do to make life go round so that I can determine (a) if I am normal in my way of doing things or (b) if I can be more efficient or learn anything from your way of doing things.  I also wonder how different a working mom's routine is from a SAHM's routine.  We both have to eat, bathe and keep our living spaces clean and try to maintain a relationship with our loved ones.  So let's talk about these things.  I'll give you a glimpse (also-known-as way more information than you ever wanted to know) about how things operate in our house and you leave me a comment and let me know how it works for you!  K, promise?  Great, thanks.
I'll hit up how we Swans stay clean in the first/next post in this fun new series.  But in the mean time, what else are you curious about?  What other glimpses of someone else's life do you want to know about?  What people do for date nights?  How often other married couples actually have sex?  At what point is a bra considered dirty?  Do other moms wipe (or not wipe) their kids bums if they're only changing a pee diaper?  Do women really wipe front to back?  How often do people actually read/open their snail mail?  Anything you're "just curious" about??


  1. I love all these questions! I'm super curious too. Pondering whether to leave you the longest comment EVER - or email you....hmmmm.

    1. Write a blog post of your own and Link up through the Linky Party!!!