Friday, April 19, 2013

27 Weeks (Round 2)

How far along? 27 weeks and 3 days

Total weight gain/loss? Up 25.1 pounds. Which means I LOST 1.6 pounds this past week.  A few thoughts on this strange turn of events.  At my doctor's appointment Monday the nurse may or may not have audibly sighed/gasped when she realized I'd gained 9-10ish pounds in a month.  This did not sit well with me.  She then said it would even out over the next few months and that some months you just have bigger gains.  Still, her noisy reaction was enough to get my butt moving.  So since Monday I have walked on the treadmill every night before bed.  We're not talking speed walking or anything crazy.  We're talking slow 3.0 miles an hour walking while I watch whatever junk TV is on that day.  So in turn I've hit at least 10,000 steps on my pedometer each day. I also have cooked almost all my meals at home this week and I've tried to decrease my carb intake and any mindless snacking.  So perhaps I have more control of this weight gain thing than I thought or wanted to admit.  Either way, I have more energy and don't feel quite as whale-like today. 

Maternity clothes? The really isn't anything else at this point.  I even went out last weekend and purchased three pairs of shorts for our upcoming vacation.  Maternity shorts, the awful lighting in Macy's and a heightened body awareness does not a happy shopping experience make.  Thankfully my mom and Lukas helped me pick a few things that looked "decent".  I also picked up some maternity spanx to wear under dresses so I look ok from behind, but I've yet to convince myself to try them on.  Maternity and spanx just don't seem to go together in my mind.  We'll see.  I did pick up a new Isabella Oliver maternity tunic that I'm loving as well!  Online shopping has become a bit of an obsession lately (Do y'all look at GILT, HauteLook and Zulily?  If you don't already you probably shouldn't start.  It's possible I also have purchased 4 pairs of shoes online in the past few weeks thanks to these sites.   Oops.  Mr. Cob has instituted a new rule: when a new pair of shoes comes into the house, an old pair must leave.  He thinks this will be some sort of deterent for me...he doesn't know the extent of my shoe collection...)

Stretch marks? None that I've really noticed (no new ones anyway).  But the varicose veins could really stop showing up any day now.  I mean for real.

Sleep? Up until last night it was great - only waking once a night to pee, easily finding a comfortable position to sleep in.  But last night I was up from about 1:30am - 4am with insomnia.  Hoping it was just a fluke.

Best moment last week? Hearing the little dude's heartbeat on the monitor at the OB's office is always pretty cool!  Lukas also had a BIG potty breakthrough which was super exciting for him and us as parents.  I think we might be on our way to big boy underpants here pretty soon!  My massage last Friday afternoon was pretty amazing too.  OH, and I found out that I PASSED my glucose test!!!  It's been a good week.

Movement? Oh yea baby.  But now I'm getting a little paranoid if I don't feel him for a while.  Last night I was folding laundry and was convinced I hadn't felt him for hours so I started poking and prodding my belly to wake him up.  He was less than thrilled and gave me a good ribcage kick to settle my fears.  Thanks bud.

Food cravings? Red meat (which can't be all that bad since the doc told me my iron levels are great!), green smoothies in the morning (Almond milk, 3 cups of spinach, 1 frozen banana, Greek yogurt and a Tbsp of peanut butter), and homemade chicken salad.

Food aversions? Nope.

Gender? Boys have a penis.

Labor signs? The occasional Braxton Hicks contractions, but otherwise no.

Belly button in/out? In, but the top is starting to pop out. Very odd.  Thankfully the belly button pain has subsided this week.

What I miss: Beer and "real" sushi.

What I am looking forward to: Vacation in 8 short days!!!

Milestones: This kid has a name.  JRS are his initials.

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