Thursday, April 24, 2014

There's No Place Like Home

I'm not sure where to start, there's been so much going on in our little world.  I guess the biggest news is that we sold our house and have moved in with my parents.  (Yes, seriously). Also, we have no timeline for leaving their house as of now. (Homecooking and a live-in grandma are a-mazing.  As is the whole no mortgage payment thing. We might have to be kicked out.  Although, the commute is the pits so I think that will eventually be the downfall of this arrangement.)
We closed a week ago.  I cried at the closing table.  It was such a bitter sweet moment.  That house held so many memories and "firsts" for our family.  I'm so sad to leave it behind.  But I am also excited about the future and finding the next house that will become our home.  I am also very happy to have left the crime behind as well as the less-than-ideal floorplan (kids room on the first floor next to the kitchen with the master upstairs = bad for having little kids who are light sleepers in a less than safe neighborhood).  I now know what I don't want in a new house as well as a few things that I'd love to find (big pantry with an open floorplan and kids rooms upstairs are at the top of the list).
Oh and if lady lucky hadn't been on our side we'd still own the house.  Three days before closing a massive tree in front of our house fell.  Thankfully it fell across the street rather than ON our house.  I imagine the buyers wouldn't go through with the purchase if a tree had cut the house in half.

So it's goodbye to the city and hello to the suburbs.  For now.  I think we'll stay at my parents through the summer and then figure out where we want to move.  We still haven't settled on a new hood.  Anyone love where you live and want to sell me on moving there????


  1. Hugs, friend! Also, as we're looking for a house, I'd be interested in hearing what you DO and DON'T want in a house now, given your past experience. Lots to think about! :) Kristin

  2. You know we're big fans of ROSWELL! Great schools, easy access to 400, nice 'downtown' scene, close to the Hooch and loads of parks, and oh yes the Leipprandts. :) We need to hit the pool together sometime this summer since we're so close for now!