Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Toddler Talks - Car Ride with Daddy

[As retold by Daddy]....So in the car this morning Lukas asked "Daddy, why do the Green lights for go go down and the red lights for stop go up?"  I said "Well buddy, they put the green on bottom and the red on top because some people can't see colors.  That way those people know that top light means stop and bottom light means go.  Its called being colorblind."  And his eyes bugged out and he said "who can't see colors?"  I said "Well Up (my dad) can't see colors?"
Then this is what followed:
"Daddy, can you see colors"
"Yes, I can"
"Can Ronnie (husband's childhood BFF who lives in Chicago) see colors?"
"Can sip sip (my mom) see colors?"
"Can Pop Pop (husband's dad) see colors?"
"Can Nana (husband's mom) see colors?"
"Can Up see colors?"
"No buddy."
"Who else can't see colors?"
"I don't know anyone else"
"Can mommy see colors?"
"Can Ronnie's Daddy see colors?"
"Can Ronnie's Mommy see colors?"
"Can Wrigley (our dog) see colors?"
"Actually, I think Dogs can't see colors too.  If they do, they see them differently"
"Yeah.  Can Bailey (our cat) see colors?"
"Yes buddy."
- a minute goes by -
"My Up and My Wrigley can't see colors, right?"
"Yes Buddy."
"Um-hmm" (nodding head)
Just thought I would share.




  1. I love this. He did such a good job synthesizing the information Mr. Swan told him--smart boy! :) Kristin

  2. Now I know why Up and Wrigley have such a bond....they see the world through the same colorless lens.