Monday, July 6, 2015

Last BC Post for a While, I Promise!

I know, I know. I said I was not going to let the blog be overrun by Beautycounter posts and I'm failing in that.  I promise it will slow soon.  I've been working on an upcoming post that has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Beautycounter, I promise.  And, it's a good post. That I promise too. I'm thinking it'll post later this week, so check back!  But just bear with me for one more Beautycounter post because I can't NOT tell you about this awesome incentive that ends TODAY!

Today is the last day for Beautycounter's 4th of July special! Spend $200 and you will receive a free gift: $74 worth of products (two of these are new, limited – edition products)

-Color Shade Eye Duo in Slipper/Slate (a ballet pink and true gray with a hint of sheen) (new, limited edition)
- Eye Pencil in Navy (new, limited edition)
- High gloss lip shine

These items will automatically be added to your cart. Beautycounter does not do specials like this often, so take advantage while you can!  Now is a great time to restock, give Beautycounter a try for the first time or buy gifts for those you love!

I love this company and our mission. We are trying to get safe products in the hands of everyone.  The United States has not passed a federal law regulating the cosmetics industry since 1938! And while the European Union bans close to 1400 ingredients, the United States only bans ELEVEN. There are known carcinogens in many personal care products and cosmetics on the market today and other ingredients that have been linked to health problems.  You won't find those ingredients in Beautycounter products, and you don't have to sacrifice effectiveness for safety.  Beautiful products CAN be safe.

Give safe beauty a try today!  Let me know if you need help picking out products (we have products for men to use too!) or order online here: and with our 60 day return policy, you have nothing to lose!

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