Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Essential Oil Newbie

Let's get the pregnancy photo documentation out of the way with today's OOTD. I was exhausted this morning (more on that in a few), so I didn't have the energy to put together a cute outfit. Actually, I set out to find a cute outfit but after trying on two different black maternity skirts that were both too big I decided to throw in the towel and opt for a go-to black and white ensemble that I wore often pre-pregnancy. The only difference is the pants since my non-maternity pants are a thing of the past. So I threw on my new Gap maternity pants, which, by the way, are "ankle" length (I'm only 5'4), but I still have to roll them under once in order for them not to be too long!  What gives Gap? Your making this shorty feel even shorter!  Aside from being a tad too long, these pants are perfect for this stage of pregnancy. They have a demi panel that sits low on the belly and doesn't quite cover the belly button. (For you non-maternity clothes connoisseurs, the other option is a full panel which covers you entire belly. I prefer that style farther along in pregnancy, but for now it's just too baggy and I feel like my pants are constantly at risk of falling to my ankles). {insert pants on the ground ditty from American Idol here. Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin' like a fool with yo pants on the ground.  Enjoy that being stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You're welcome}

For my top, I'm wearing an Ann Taylor non maternity top that's real flowy.  I think I bought this after my pregnancy with Lukas so it's rather forgiving. To the unsuspecting eye, this outfit hides my pregnancy pretty well!  I forgot to add my standard pop of color today so I'll just have to try to remember to keep reapplying my Lip Sheer in hopes of not looking too washed out. I should've worn a bright pair of shoes but couldn't find any as I was scrambling out the door and have boring black and nude flats on today.  Womp womp.
But I'm not stressing, I'm just glad I'm not home with a sick J today. As we were getting ready for bed last night I noticed he was a little hot. He's had a runny nose for a few days now and his chest was rattling a bit. We did our normal bedtime routine but when it was time for him to get in his crib he wasn't having any of it. "Rock more momma." He just wanted to snuggle. And he was feeling increasingly more like a hot potato by the second. So off to take his temperature we went.

100.2 degrees.  Not too hot, but definitely hotter than his usual temp. He wasn't crying or seemingly uncomfortable, but I wanted to do something. Yet over the past year I've gone more and more crunchy/hippie/natural and I am trying to steer clear of Advil and Tylenol for the kids (and myself) to the extent possible. I've read some research on their negative affects, especially on the gut, so I'm looking into alternative ways of handling sickness - with my main focus on promoting health to avoid sickness.  But germs are unavoidable when your children are in school so I realize that not getting sick is not necessarily an option.

So this year I've started dabbling in essential oils. I say dabbling because I really have no idea what I'm doing. It started with our awesome nanny giving me some oils to use to try to help J sleep. I didn't give them enough of a go with him, but I used them on myself and am hooked. I then bought an oil for anxiety which seems to help (although I haven't had much anxiety during pregnancy, thankfully). And eventually got a few more.  My go-to oils are Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense and Melaleuca. They were a savior when I was getting end of first trimester migraines and could only take Tylenol which does squat for a headache! I now carry a headache-relief roller of essential oils in my purse!

So when J was fever-y last night, I turned to the interwebs for help. Turns out Peppermint and Lavender are great for combating a fever. After 2 applications (mixed with carrier oil), he fell fast asleep. I diffused another oil in his room overnight that helps promote healthy immune support. J woke up at midnight and his fever was gone but he was a little fussy. So I rubbed him down again and was able to get him to sleep an hour or so later. And this morning he woke up happy with no fever in sight!

I love that I didn't have to give him any traditional meds to help him last night. In the past I've been quick to administer Motrin at any sign of sickness or pain and I'd really like to move away from that. I am now convinced there really is something to essential oils and I'm excited to learn more!

Do you use essential oils?  What are some of your go-to oils?

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