Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Leap of Courage & the Road that Appeared

November was a huge month for my Beautycounter team. We added three new team members and I reached a personal goal of promoting to Director. My mentor reached a huge goal and promoted to the highest level in the company and other great friends I've made in this business also reached big goals. I'm as thrilled for their accomplishments as I am my own!!! This is truly a team effort.

So as I sit here on the first day of December I am so excited for the month ahead. I didn't really know where this job would take me when I signed on 9 months ago. I said yes having no idea what I was doing. I am not a salesperson and I have a fear of rejection like no other. But I am so glad I jumped on board.

In 17 days I will step back from my legal job and I have Beautycounter to thank for that. I will get to spend the holidays with my family instead of spending long hours at the office trying to close deals before the end of the year. Then in January I will welcome our baby girl Bridget with the knowledge and peace of mind that I won't have to hand her over to daycare at a mere 12 weeks old. Financially I would not be able to make this life change without this company.

But the best part is that I ADORE what I do with Beautycounter. I am passionate about educating others on safe beauty and personal care products. I believe in our mission. And I finally feel like I've found the work-life balance I've been looking for since Lukas was born over 5 years ago. So maybe you can have it all! If you're at all curious as to what I've been doing with Beautycounter, or how you can get involved, I'd love to chat. You never know where this road might take you!

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