Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kidney Tests

Sweet Bridget will be two weeks old tomorrow (in case you missed it and are curious, you can read her birth story here). We are all loving having her here and she is getting spoiled daily. The combination of our first girl, our last child (I think...) and her precarious health condition have lead me to truly enjoy the newborn phase with her. I'm not normally a fan of this stage, but I am relishing our days laying on the couch, co-sleeping at night and bonding while nursing. My recovery this time around has been my easiest of all three kids so that is probably contributing to my postpartum bliss.  Although the baby blues definitely come and go and I've had a few random bouts of tears which are making my husband think I'm going a little crazy.  I remind him that it's my hormones. Always blame the hormones!

So I haven't given an update on Bridget's kidneys because we unfortunately don't know anything more yet. She had an ultrasound the day she was born and our pediatrician said that it confirmed what we already knew. I didn't press him on this because he's not the specialist and I had given birth a mere 5 hours earlier and wasn't thinking too clearly.  Bridget's abdomen has looked distended to me since birth and one of the nurses even commented on this, but when I asked our pediatrician he didn't express concern. Bridget started taking a prophylactic antibiotic the day she was born because there is a risk of infection due to the urine that is backing up in her ureter(s) and left kidney. She will continue taking this until the urologist can determine it is not needed.

As for the next steps, we are scheduled to go up to Atlanta next Thursday for her first round of tests. I believe she will be having three tests, but I only know two of them. She'll have another ultrasound which should be able to more clearly show what is going on compared to the ultrasounds that were done on me while I was pregnant.  She will also have a VCUG which will show us how well her kidneys, ureter and bladder are working. All I know is that it will involve Bridget getting a catheter and getting x-rays. The whole thing makes me nervous so I haven't spent much time researching the procedure other than finding the link for this post.  And to be honest, I haven't read through the link. At this point, ignorance is bliss. I'm already nervous for Thursday and figure I don't need the extra anxiety of knowing exactly what will happen to B.  I also don't know if we'll meet with the urologist to go over the results that day or if we'll have to come back up for a follow-up appointment. But hopefully within a week or so we'll have an actual diagnosis and treatment plan. We know it is almost certain she needs surgery, we're just hopeful it is minimally invasive and can wait until she's at least six months old.

Aside from her round belly, Bridget looks completely normal and perfect. Our pediatrician referred to her as perfect at her first checkup. She is peeing regularly so we know at least one of her kidneys is working properly. But the fact remains that she has a birth defect. And until we know the extent of the issue, my mind can't help but worry every day. When she cries uncontrollably I worry she's in pain. When I look at her belly I am reminded that while she looks perfect, her insides tell a different story.

I am praying for the best possible outcome next week. I don't even know what that means, other than Bridget getting to live a full, long life.  She is such a sweet baby and I am so blessed to be her mom.  Thank you all for the continued prayers and inquires about how she's doing.  As soon as we know more, I'll update everyone. Until then, please continue praying for her health and our strength as we navigate this next phase.

Ok, time to snuggle with my sweet girl.

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