My Beautycounter Mission

My Story for Joining the Mission:

For years I have considered myself a health conscious person. I read food labels and keep the amount of processed foods I consume to a minimum. I buy organic fruits and vegetables more often than not and I even have a nutritionist helping me attain my optimum health. I was giving a lot of thought and energy into the things that I was putting IN my body but not giving a second thought to what I was putting ON my body.  Then one day it clicked for me: healthily living is more than just what you eat, it truly is a lifestyle!  

So I put my lawyering skills to use and started doing some research into the products I was using on myself and my two young boys. I was surprised to learn that the United States hasn't passed federal legislation regarding the safety of cosmetics since 1938!  So while the Europe Union has banned over 1,300 ingredients that are known toxins (meaning the ingredients have been linked to cancer, reproductive issues and hormone disruptions), these same toxins (except for a mere 11) are not prohibited in the United States and are currently in many of the products you might have in your makeup bag today. Thankfully, Beautycounter is on a mission to effect change!

Beautycounter is setting the definitive higher standard for performance and safety in beauty and personal care products. We aim to become the leader in creating the safest, highest performing, and most beautiful products. It is our goal to make the consumer care as much about product safety and integrity as much as they care about performance and to compel broad-based change in the way products are made. 

I started using Beautycounter products this past year and I, in my perhaps not-so-humble opinion, have never looked better.  I love that the products are safe for me and my babies, but I also love that they work and are true high-end beauty products. So I am so excited to announce the launch of my Beautycounter business! I am here to help you take steps towards a healthier lifestyle by getting safe beauty and personal care products into your hands.  I hope you'll join me in putting the truth back in beauty! 

To lean more about Beautycounter I urge you to watch this short video! Then let's talk about getting safer products in your hands!

See all of our beauty products and learn more about our mission here: Beautycounter  


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